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Sight Seeker is an action-adventure game, developed collaboratively by me and another talented developer, Greenbox Games. Our roles in the project were well-defined, with me taking charge of music, sound effects, and programming, while Greenbox Games handled the art, visual effects, and co-led the gameplay design.

Drawing inspiration from games like Hyper Light Drifter, Sight Seeker presents players with a top-down 2D experience, featuring a map with branching paths and interconnected routes. The core focus of the game lies in its combat mechanics. Inspired by the parry mechanic found in other video games, we designed the player's moveset around this concept. 

Built using GameMaker Studio, Sight Seeker also boasts a custom adaptive soundtrack, personally composed by me. This unique system dynamically adjusts the intensity of the music based on the gameplay, creating a truly immersive audio experience. I take immense pride in this particular feature.

The player possesses three distinct moves. The first is the parry, which can be activated at any time. When triggered, the player is able to block incoming attacks for a brief period and stun enemies. Successfully parrying an enemy grants the player a supercharged state and access to a dash attack. By dashing towards enemies, the player inflicts damage upon contact. However, each dash depletes the charge. Notably, if the player manages to eliminate an enemy while dashing, they regain the dash ability, allowing for a satisfying chain of dashes. Additionally, the player has a pushback move that can be used at any moment, forcefully propelling nearby enemies away.

In Sight Seeker, the player assumes the role of a shield knight, utilising their shield for all these moves. The development of this game challenged my team working skills, organisational abilities, and scope management. It was a valuable experience in working within a time frame, as we successfully completed the project in just a month and a half, showcasing our ability to deliver within constrained deadlines.

The game offers approximately 4-5 hours of gameplay, culminating in an incredibly challenging boss battle. As the project's level designer and enemy designer, I meticulously crafted the game's levels to provide a balanced and engaging experience for players

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